About Us

About Us

Traveling is like therapy. We at NauHolidays believe that traveling broadens a person’s horizons and allows him to see things from new perspectives. Our passion for traveling and commitment to bring the best quality services added many happy travelers to our customers’ list. In 2021, NauHolidays embarked on a mission to offer you a trip that would be a complete package of adventure, sightseeing, mountaineering, biking, and other activities. Allow us to be your tour guide while you explore this wonderful country.

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Ummed S Jakhar

From one traveler to another, greetings. I’m Ummed Jakhar, and I’m also your traveling companion here at NauHolidays. I fell in love with mountains at an early age as a young boy from Rajasthan who spent his childhood in Himachal. I decided to learn more about this magnificent place. My desire to travel led me to many various locations and experiences. I established NauHolidays to share my passion for travel and my tales with other travelers. I will do all in my power to ensure that your vacation is full of adventure and tales that will last a lifetime. Come along with me on a journey of discovery.